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New Letter
Posted on 25th August, 2021

This is an Introducing a revolutionary new invention fufu making machine, aka Fufu Pounder. You can now make your favourite fufu effortlessly with this amazing fufu pounder in less than 5 minutes. This amazing fufu making machine is highly recommended to all chop bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, etc. Please remember that this machine makes the job done only once, no need to repeat it twice or thrice before serving. It pounds the fufu only once and it can be served. You need to get this. Get upgraded and order yours directly from us now. Don’t be left out.
General specifications at a glance- fufu pounding machine 
•    Great for safe and seamless fufu making
•    Effortlessly helps you pound fufu in less than 5 minutes
•    Highly recommended for chop bars, restaurants, hotels and schools as well.
•    No need to pound again twice or thrice before serving.
•    Very durable and efficient as well
•    Read the manual before use.
Let the heat from the cassava, yam, plantain etc cool down a bit.
Do not overload the blender per time.
Don’t leave the blender on for too long at a time – so say 20secs per time, let the blender rest for about 20secs and then continue blending.
Kindly plug directly into socket.
The use of multisockets and extension board is not advisable.
Don’t plug into any faulty socket.
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