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Posted on 17th October, 2021

Twin tub washing machines have two tubs for washing your clothes—one for the actual washing and the other for spinning water out of your clothing. They're a great alternative to regular automatic washing machines because they use less water and are super easy to use. Cleaning them only takes a few minutes and requires just a few items like a soft towel and vinegar

1. DRAIN THE WATER FROM THE WASHING TUB AS SOON AS YOU’RE DONE USING IT. Connect the hose to the bottom of the machine and position the other end of the hose in the sink or a bucket. Turn the dial on the washing tub to "Drain" to let all of the water drain out easily. Wait until all of the water has drained out before moving the hose so you don't accidentally spray water.

• The washing machine's hose can connect to two spots on the machine—one at the top to fill it with water, and the other at the bottom of the machine to drain it. Both connecting spots are easy to find.

• If you’re using a bucket and the bucket fills up before the tub is finished draining, move the dial back to "Off" and dump out the bucket to reuse it.

2. UNPLUG THE WASHING MACHINE TO MAKE SURE THE POWER IS OFF. Switch all of the dials on the washing machine to "Off." Turn off the switch in your home that's powering the machine and unplug the washing machine from the outlet, just to be sure.

• It’s important to make sure the power is off before working in the tub for safety reasons.

3. WIPE DOWN THE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF THE MACHINE WITH A DAMP CLOTH. Dampen a soft cloth with warm or cool water and wipe down the inside of the tubs first. Rub the inside of each tub with the cloth, moving the cloth in circular motions to clean it thoroughly. Once you’re finished with the inside, wipe down the outside of the machine, too. It's important to wipe down the machine every time you use it so it stays super clean.

• Avoid using harsh fabrics or scouring pads to wash the machine.

• Compared to a regular automatic washing machine, a twin tub doesn't have nearly as many holes, nooks, or crannies, so it doesn't get as dirty. The main thing you'll want to wipe down is the pulsator, which is the round piece at the bottom of the tub.

4. DRY THE INSIDE OF THE TUBS WITH A CLEAN, SOFT TOWEL. Use a soft cloth like a microfiber towel to dry the inside of each tub. Work your way from the bottom of the tubs to the top, wiping in small circular motions. Wipe down the outside of the machine with the towel, too.

• Make sure you dry both the washing tub and the spin tub as well as you can.

• Pay special attention to the edges of the pulsator at the bottom of the washing tub when you're drying it with the cloth.

5. LEAVE THE MACHINE LIDS OPEN FOR AN HOUR SO THEY DRY COMPLETELY. Open the cover of the wash tub and both covers of the spin tub. Leave them open for at least an hour before putting the machine away so that the tubs dry out as much as possible.

• This prevents mold or mildew from growing in the tubs if there’s any moisture left in them.

6. TAKE OUT THE LINT FILTER BY PUSHING DOWN ON IT. The lint filter is down inside the wash tub, right inside the overflow filter. Since the overflow filter and lint filter are the only things on the inside of the tub, they're easy to spot. When the lint filter is in the tub, it'll look like a long, skinny tube. To take it out, push down on the arrow and pull it out gently.

• Clean the lint filter every time you finish a load.

• The lint filter collects the lint from your clothing as it washes.

• The manual that comes with your twin tub washing machine will have a diagram showing you exactly where your lint filter is.

7. RINSE THE LINT FILTER IN A BOWL OR BUCKET OF CLEAN WATER. Fill a bucket with water and place your filter inside. Use your fingers to remove all of the lint from the filter, moving it around in the water so it's super clean.

• The lint will come off of the lint filter easily in the water.

• Pour the water out outside if you're worried about clogging your pipes.

8. REINSERT THE LINT FILTER INTO THE WASHING MACHINE. Place the lint filter back into the overflow filter just like you took it out. Push the filter in gently until it pops into place.

• The lint filter will be marked with which end goes into the overflow filter first.

9. REMOVE THE OVERFLOW FILTER TO WASH IT EVERY 2 MONTHS. The overflow filter is the rectangular panel that holds the lint filter, and it's found inside the washing tub. To clean it, pull the elastic claw in the direction that the arrow is pointing. Pop the pipe that you see out of its holder by simply pulling it out of its plastic ring and flush the area out with a cup of clean water. Once it looks clean, push the pipe back into place and situate the overflow filter back in its spot.

• When you put the overflow filter back in, instead of pulling on the elastic claw, you’ll push it in.

• The pipe is easy to take out and is only connected by a thin plastic ring holder.

10. ADD HOT WATER TO THE WASHING TUB BY CONNECTING THE HOSE TO YOUR SINK. Connect the skinny end of your hose to the top of the washing machine and the other end of the hose to your sink's faucet. Turn on your sink's hot water to fill the washing tub up about one-fourth or one-third of the way full. If there is no water heater installed in your house from which you can connect hot water to your washing machine directly through the machine hose, you can heat water with your kettle and stove and pour it inside the machine.

• The hose will fit right over your faucet's nozzle so the water goes directly from the sink into the washing machine.

11. POUR 1–2 CUPS (240–470 ML) OF WHITE VINEGAR INTO THE TUB. The white vinegar will act as the disinfectant to clean out your washing tub. Since most twin tub washing machines are much smaller than a normal washing machine, 1 cup (240 ml) of vinegar is all you need, but you can add more if your twin tub is super dirty.

• If there's a specific spot in the washing tub that you're worried about, consider spraying it with the vinegar before pouring in additional vinegar so it's extra clean.

• It's not necessary to disinfect your twin tub washing machine very often⁠—every 3-6 months is great.

• For extra cleanliness, add 1 cup (240 ml) of baking soda to the water too.

12. TURN THE DIAL TO THE WASH CYCLE TO LET THE VINEGAR CLEAN THE TUB. Pretend like you're doing a regular wash cycle and turn the dial to "Wash" just like you would if your clothes were in it. Choose how long you'd like the tub to clean for, such as 10-15 minutes.

• There's a dial for "Wash" as well as a dial for how long you want the washing machine to run.

13. DRAIN THE TUB BY SWITCHING THE DIAL TO "DRAIN." Once the tub is finished washing, set the drain hose in its position and link it to the waste channel. Switch the dial to "Drain" and watch the water drain from the tub and flow away through the waste channel.

• Wait until the washing tub is completely drained before you return the drain hose to its position on the washing machine.

14. WIPE DOWN THE WASHING TUB WITH A CLEAN RAG TO ENSURE IT'S SUPER DRY. Use a clean, dry rag to mop up the excess moisture in the washing tub, using circular motions as you go along all of the sides and edges. Pay special attention to the bottom of the tub because this is where water is more likely to collect.

• Leave the lid of the washing machine open for an hour or two so the tub has time to completely dry out. There you have it.

Observe the above instructions and enjoy your TWIN TUB WASHING MACHINE for a very long time. We at the LG SHOWROOM & SERVICE CENTER care for you and we are always here to help and give all the necessary supports you are in need of. Feel free to contact us at any time as we are putting more effort to serve you better.

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