Return Policy


Our watch word is excellence and customer satisfaction, our happiness is to ensure our customers are happy and satisfied with our service delivery.

In respect to the above, we have created a friendly return policy for our customers that will enable them return, exchange their item(s) or products as far as the return meet our return conditions.


Our Return Terms& Conditions

Below are our return terms and conditions

a.         The return must not exceed fifteen (15) days from date of delivery; any return outside the fifteen (15) days is invalid.

b.         A RETURN FORM must be filled and submitted to us along the returned item(s). All returns not accompanied by a completed return form will be immediately declined and send back to the customer. Please click here to download the RETURN FORM if misplaced.

c.         The item(s) must be in the original packaging state, with everything whole as delivered by our delivery personnel or partners.

d.         Any promotional item or gift attached to the ordered item(s) must be returned to us along the returned item(s)

e.         Our return has covered almost all products, however some items are not allowed for return, this is because of personal hygiene or health issues.

Below are the products or item(s) not allowed for return.

  • Beverages
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Underwears
  • Cosmetics & Body Care products
  • Perfumes
  • Swimwears

Our Return & Refund Process

1.         Please get in touch with our customer service representatives on 0900-0000-000, 0800-0000-000 or

2.         Carefully fill the return form, providing your order number, item(s) intending to refund or exchange, reason for the return or exchange and your desired method of refund.

3.         We will retrieve the item(s) directly or direct you on how to send the item(s) back to use through our delivery partner DHL. At the arrival of your items(s) we will examine the item(s) and notify you of your return status. RightChoice will repay your shipping charge, if your return is valid. If you request an exchange for a non-faulty and right item(s), the items will be sent to you without shipping charge within 3 business days.

4.         Once we examine your item(s) and validate your claims, we will initiate a refund process immediately, it might take 1-2 business days; however this depends on your bank. In case you desire an instant refund method, we will use a voucher refund method, the voucher will only be used on our website and valid for nine (9) months.


            Refund Methods

There are few ways we make returns at RightChoice, this include:

a.         Electronic Bank Transfer: Our return is made via electronic bank transfer to our customer’s designated bank account.

b.         Gift Voucher: This is another method of carrying out refund at RightChoice. In this situation the customer’s money is converted into a gift voucher which will be used only on RightChoice website ( and will be valid for nine (9) months.